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SELL  Digital & Mobile Marketing

There are MILLIONS OF Small Businesses
in the US. More than 80% of them do NOT use Digital or Mobile Marketing Strategy and are looking for a fast, easy and affordable way to get more business.

Business Owners Don't Want DIY
Small businesses don't have the time or know-how to build and maintain a Digital or Mobile Club themselves. They just want someone to to do it for them.

C3 Digital Marketing is the Perfect Fit
C3 Digital & Mobile Marketing solutions are affordable, created and managed for the business and generates sales.

Complete Digital & Mobile Marketing Business-in-a-Box
We're more than just a technology partner. We provide everything you need to build a profitable Digital Marketing business.


C3 offers our resellers everything you need to manage your business including
a full service back office team to manage and service your accounts.



website with CRM FORM

Billing & Credit Card Processing


SMS Marketing



prospect list

private label

Your business and brand is front and center. You determine your own pricing, customization, and more!  C3's automated marketing management platform allows you to create your very own mobile WiFi marketing business. 

Your Logo
Custom System URL
User Management

No Experience Necessary

Digital Marketing is the craze for local business owners. Get into the digital and mobile marketing business while it’s hot. Run your own digital marketing business with the help of C3 Digital Marketing.

We provide you with sales and marketing training so you can go to market quickly.  
We setup your CRM, your CRM forms. WEBSITE and the hand-outs for your prospecting.  We even provide a prospect list for you.  


Our Reseller Program is perfect for anyone interested in starting their own business, or existing companies looking to expand their services by offering affordable Digital & Mobile Marketing services to their clients.

Merchant Service Providers

ISO/Agents in the Credit Card Processing business Value Add with Digital & Mobile Marketing 

  • Acquire merchants fast
  • Retain your merchants
  • increase residuals


Coupon Books, Digital Guides and Newspapers – add new revenue streams to your bottom line with Digital and Mobile Marketing. 

  • Complimenting service
  • Value add 
  • NEw revenue streams

point of sale

Add Digital & Mobile Marketing Solutions Help your merchants build customer lists, automate marketing and drive new business.

  • no integration necessary
  • Mobile marketing
  • value add


work from home, be your own boss and take control of your financial future with a lucrative career in Digital & Mobile Marketing

  • home based
  • no experience needed
  • turn-key


Publishers of Websites, Coupon Book and Newspapers – add new revenue streams to your bottom line with Digital and Mobile Marketing. 

  • Loyalty program
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Coupon

Social media

Sell Digital & Mobile Marketing Solutions to add value and increase revenue. Build customer lists, automate marketing and drive new business.

  • marketing platform
  • works with Facebook
  • value add
Work process

How's It Work?

Step 1. our platform

We setup your Business on our platform with your own private URL and website.

Step 2. start selling to local businesses

We got proven sales techniques and marketing materials.

Step 3. use our managed services or diy

Create the Mobile and Loyalty Clubs in minutes. Use our in house marketing and design experts or DIY.

Step 4. make a great living

Set your own pricing. We also provide credit card and check acceptance for you*.

your business 

how do you make money?

Our platform and services will help you provide an easy to use platform designed to build a customer list of consumers and automation to keep customers coming back, and earn a great profit on the platform and service. 

Upfront Setup Fee - Our resellers charge a new client for setting up their their Digital or Mobile Club. Which covers the cost of taking on that client, including the platform, setting things up, printed materials, and their Digital services. Most resellers charge anywhere from $199 – $1,000 and our suggested price is $299 for a basic digital or mobile platform.  This is your business so feel free to charge what you want. 

Monthly Service Fee - The monthly service fee is what resellers charge clients on a recurring basis to keep their Digital or Mobile Marketing running, the database, automation services and for ongoing updates. This fee includes hosting, customer database, digital automation services and storage, statistics and reporting, support and the ability to login and make updates. You can offer to make updates and changes on behalf of your clients, adding more value to the monthly service. Generally, resellers charge anywhere from $299 – $499/month, and our suggested price is $299/month.

Our resellers generally make money from the upfront setup and at least 50% or more profit margin recurring income per month.

start your
Digital and Mobile business

Make a great living with your own business in digital and Mobile marketing. Become Your Own Boss!

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