Sell Mobile, WiFi and a
 Suite of MArketing

If you’re looking for a super-easy way to offer additional marketing services to your existing and new clients, look no further! We do all the “behind-the-scenes” work on your clients’ email, mobile and loyalty accounts on your behalf, impressing your clients, building stronger relationships, and helping you make a great profit at the same time.

We make it easy for you to thrive as a Mobile and Loyalty Marketing  Reseller.  We do the work so you can focus on what you do best! As you grow, your profit grows without having to hire more people. This allows you to expand your business without all the expense and headaches usually associated with growing bigger!

Mobile Coupon, Mobile Loyalty, and Mobile Marketing

Mobile Loyalty 

Mobile Loyalty with KIOSK provides, simple customer capture or opt-in, single or multi-tier loyalty options, redeemable coupon offers, engaging messages, birthday and and other promotions. 

WiFi Marketing, WiFi Captive Portal

WiFi Marketing Guest Engagement

Turn Free WiFi into a Marketing system.   We provide turnkey access points, you plug them in and start earning recurring revenue.

Automated Multichannel Marketing

All-In-ONE Marketing PLATFORM

The Marketing Suite includes email, mobile, referrals, rewards, and automation all in one platform. Sell as a full service or DIY.  

Reseller guide and Pricing 

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Become a Reseller

Our Reseller Program makes it easy to sell our mobile solutions, you get a virtual staff that services your customers and recurring income.  

You sell and market solutions

Sell Digital Loyalty and Mobile Solutions to local businesses.

We are your back office

We setup, configure and service your clients.

Earn Recurring revenue 

Earn upfront revenue and monthly residuals on your clients

Personalized & trackable  coupon
management system

* Perfect for Automotive, Restaurant, Retail, SMB
* 40+ Automated Campaigns
* Modern and Intuitive
* Stand-Alone or Value Add

Get access to our triple play mobile marketing platforms

3 powerful solutions 

Help local businesses market to their customers, increase repeat business and get new customers all with our triple play solutions

Mobile - sms marketing, Loyalty KIOSK, Coupons

Mobile KIOSK increase sign up by 10X
Push redeemable coupon offers
Viral Share technology
Loyalty check in, value back and threshold

WiFi automated Marketing and Guest engagement

Enhance FREE Wi-Fi
Capture customer contact info like email, mobile numbers and Facebook data
Visit Counter Triggers for valuable % or cash discounts
Automated marketing based on recency and frequency


The Marketing Suite includes email, mobile, referrals, rewards, and automation all in one platform. Great for restaurants, retailers, and small business that want a complete single platform for their customer engagement, referrals, and customer appreciation.

coupon redemption and tracking

The only system that provides coupon redemption.
Merchants can enroll customers and redeem their mobile coupons, push a bonus at sign up and manage future sales opportunities all while building a customer database.

Works with"
* Web Browsers
* PC's
* Tablets
* VX520 payment terminal. 

DID you know 

We look at our phones more than 90 TIMES A DAY
70% of consumers Expect to receive marketing messages from brands they trust
Retailers and Restaurants are looking for customer engagement tools

start selling digital and Mobile solutions

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About Us

C3 Digital Marketing a joint venture between FanCONNECT and Loyal Patron , two leading loyalty marketing providers that teamed up to bring the latest technologies together and create the next generation marketing platform for resellers supplying you with a turnkey service center and platform.



Serving dealers, agents and resellers
 SINCE 2008.

150 Million

Texts | Emails | offers

Messages sent to patrons across the U.S. and Canada on behalf of merchants

1.5 Billion

Promotions, Rewards, and Incentives

More than 1.5 billion dollars in promotions for businesses sent.

11 Million


More than 11 million consumers have opted in or signed up to receive offers

Add to your product line or start a business in Digital & Mobile Marketing solutions

start selling Digital & Mobile Marketing 

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Home based business opportunity

Digital, Mobile & Loyalty marketing business

Earn more with digital and Mobile marketing. 

* No Experience needed!
* Complete Training
* Sales and Marketing resources
* In-Demand solutions
* Limited Competition
* Large Profit Margin

Business in a box.

Mobile - Wi-Fi - Rewards - Loyalty - Suite - Promotional Products

Marketing Site

Web site to promote your Marketing Business.   

reseller portal

Manage, Maintain and create accounts.

promotion center

Create Mobile and Loyalty Clubs, Marketing Messages, and coupons

cloud solution

No software to install. Everything is stored on our secure servers.

sales & Marketing

Exclusive resources, professionally designed flyers, postcards, and presentations.

Training & Support

1-on-1 Training, Phone and email support

Client Success Services

huge profit potential

Set your own pricing, plans and services. Huge ROI

done for you

Focus on making money Let our deign and customer support work for you.

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a free demo of our platform

* ONE Platform - ONE Relationship - Multiple Revenue Streams

* SaaS Platform

* Marketing Resources

* A dedicated Partner Success team

* Partnership that fits your business objectives

3030 Starkey Blvd,
Trinity , FL
Phone number
(800) 775-6751
Customer Service Cs@c3digitalmarketingcom

"All-in-one is smart, our platform is amazing, and the support is top-notch. a no-brainer for any serious entrepreneur."

Everything You Need to Get Started

Setup, Training, Marketing Materials, and Support

Easy-To-Use Platform

Sell local retail, restaurant and small business digital marketing solutions.

Sales & Marketing MAterials

Look professional from day 1 with our private label sales and marketing materials.

Dealer Platforms

Turn-key Promotion Center for your clients login to their dashboard.

Get our Reseller Guide 
and a free demo

* ONE Platform - ONE Relationship - Multiple Revenue Streams

* SaaS Platform

* Marketing Resources

* A dedicated Partner Success team

* Partnership that fits your business objectives

3030 Starkey Blvd,
Port Richey, FL
Phone number
(800) 775-6751
Customer Service Cs@c3digitalmarketingcom

Clients and Campaigns

Just a few great clients and promotions


Our VeriFone Vx520 signing partners include the following

C3 Digital Marketing Reseller Program

The C3 Digital Marketing  Dealer Program enables agencies, publishers, designers and entrepreneurs to sell and manage digital marketing solutions for small businesses in minutes, without any coding or technical skills required. Our turnkey business, service and platform includes everything you need to start building and selling digital marketing including WiFi, Mobile Marketing and Coupons, Email, Automation, Surveys and more, to local businesses, all under your own brand. As a C3 Dealer, you set your own prices and you keep 100% of the profits.