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SMS Marketing - Increase merchant transactions, average ticket, and sales volume.

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Give Your Merchants FREE Mobile/Digital Marketing.  Use for prospecting, Acquisition, or Retention.

We do the on-boarding, support and service.  

Solutions for your merchants

Boost your Portfolio Residuals 

Earn from $300 - $1200 more a year by offering our Turn-Key Marketing Services and solutions.

Done For you Merchant Engage

Got a list of merchants that you want to communicate with?  We will design email and mobile campaigns for you to send to your merchants.  

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We understand your INDUSTRY is super competitive

We know how you feel, Getting new merchants is super hard and in most cases you instantly lose profits just to get the business.

Keeping your merchant is just as hard as they're always at risk of being acquired by someone else.

FanCONNECT solutions help you get more merchants, keep them longer,  increase residuals, and income.

ISO/AGENT Merchant Services Marketing
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Acquire and retain more merchants
NO COST. NO GIMMICKS Marketing Tools.

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Offer your merchants digital marketing solutions


You already have the relationships needed to become the #1 answer for local business solutions; however, you don’t have the marketing expertise to do it alone. That’s where a partnership with C3 Digital Marketing comes in.

Partner with us as a Referral Partner, Sales Office or Reseller, and we will do all the work from demos, sales, onboarding and service. 

Everyone has a cell phone.  Help your customers send targeted offers and messages to increase their business.

DIGITAL Marketing 

Industry leading marketing solutions that offers retail, restaurant and service businesses feature rich tools:
*  SMS TXT Marketing
* Digital Loyalty Kiosk
* Mobile Coupons and Offers
* Email Marketing & Campaigns
* Automation
* Full Service Marketing as a Service

Get more merchants with FanCONNECT

Mobile Marketing

Send coupons, offers and promotions to patrons that sign up.

Mobile KIOSK boosts opt-ins, Engages customers, promotes the business all automated. 

Your merchants get repeat business, and sales. We mange the entire solution from design, setup and messaging for the merchant. 

WiFi Marketing for retail.  Automate Marketing and boost sales.

WiFi  Marketing 

WiFi patrons crave it and so do their mobile devices.  With WiFi CONNECT your merchants offer FREE WiFi and get automated marketing.

Build a customer list 10X Faster and send automated messages and offers based on visits.

No setup or software to install.  We do all the heavy lifting and help your merchants get started.

Marketing Suite

All-in-one solution that offers Email, Mobile, WiFi, Loyalty, Automation and done-for-you marketing for retail and restaurant.

Featuring 40+ marketing automation via email and mobile, scheduled email & mobile campaigns, loyalty, WiFi and prepaid solutions including membership.

Prospecting, Acquiring and Retention Solutions for Merchant Service Providers

Increase your sales, Boost your profits, and retain your merchants

Clients and Campaigns

Just a few great clients and promotions


Our VeriFone Vx520 signing partners include the following

getting started is easy

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Choose your the partnership that best suits your business model.  

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Meet your relationship manager.  We'll help you get ready to introduce your new solutions to your merchants

3. training

In no time you will know our products and pricing.  We will even co-brand handouts, presentations and landing pages.

4. Your business grows

Attract new customers, increae sales volume from your existing merchants, increase your residuals, and earn more.



Serving dealers, agents and resellers
 SINCE 2008.

250 Million

Texts | Emails | offers

Messages sent to patrons across the U.S. and Canada on behalf of merchants

1.5 Billion

Promotions, Rewards, and Incentives

More than 1.5 billion dollars in promotions for businesses sent.

11 Million


More than 11 million consumers have opted in or signed up to receive offers

Avoid losing customers, PROFITS and residuals

Earn More Revenue and Profits from your merchants

* Low profit margins
* Avoid merchant attrition
* Avoid Losing Money and Assets
* Don't lose out to the competition

Your opportunities end up being lost to competitors, and you end up losing time and money.  Fill out the the form to the right or give us call to start making more money and residuals.

imagine earning more Residuals While Helping Your Merchants Grow

Providing Mobile Marketing and Loyalty solutions is a WIN WIN! Your merchants make more sales and transactions, and you make more residuals from processing and marketing.

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